Auto Deals for Seniors: Saving Money Is a Matter of Knowing Where to Look


To make the most of your car and keep your expenses down while you’re at it, we’re here to help you find the best auto deals for seniors. It turns out that saving money on your car is just a matter of knowing where to look. Are you ready to start saving on gas, oil changes, and other car-related bills? Then start your engines!

Oil Changes

Several oil change locations offer a discount for older customers. Jiffy Lube, for instance, has been known to offer discounts for seniors. Make sure you call ahead to the location before you come in for an oil change to confirm the amount of the discount, as it can vary based on the store.

If you’re an AARP member (and you probably should be if you love deals), then you can get a flat fifteen percent off on Valvoline oil changes. Considering you should be getting your oil changed regularly, a set percentage off of this recurring cost is a great way to stretch your budget that much farther.

Car Courses

AARP members have access to other cool features, too. For instance, there’s Smart DriverTEK, an online course that helps older people learn about the new features that now come standard on cars. This service is ideal for people who haven’t had a new car in a while and want to learn about the safety technology that is on display in the newest cars.

A similar service is available through CarFit. CarFit is a program that allows older people to determine how well their current car “fits” them. For instance, if you’re driving a big SUV that guzzles gas and is harder to maneuver, you might consider a smaller car with better handling and gas mileage. You’ve got friends to meet, new restaurants to try, and countless other adventures waiting for you!

At the Pump

If you link your AARP membership with your Exxon Mobil Rewards account, you can receive even more benefits. You’ll get more points back when you buy gas, and you can even get points for each dollar you spend in the store if you head inside for a snack.

You might also find that a membership with a discount store such as Sam’s Club or Costco can save you money in the long run. Both of these stores have their own gas pumps that are often much lower than the local prices.