Best Deals Today: Anker Soundcore Headphones, Apple iMac, and More

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Looking for the best deals on the coolest gadgets? Then you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive right into some of the best deals you’ll find around the web today!

Anker Soundcore Headphones

You don’t need to shell out for AirPods or Galaxy Buds to get a good pair of wireless earbuds. You could go with Anker’s excellent Soundcore Life A1 wireless earbuds instead! These stylish little earbuds feature incredible sound quality for their price. On top of that, they’re waterproof, and they even sport a charging case that supports wireless charging.

Those are some impressive specifications for a pair of earbuds you can pick up for just $36 on Amazon right now. For that price point, you normally wouldn’t get so many high-end features. Act fast to snap up these excellent wireless earbuds before the deal is gone!

Apple iMac

Apple’s computers are impressive for more than just their eye-catching design and all-white casing. The newest Apple iMacs are powered by the cutting-edge M1 chip, making them beefy computers that sit in a slim silhouette. The latest wave of desktop computers from Apple shows off the company’s extremely efficient designs, squeezing full computers into extremely thin all-in-one casings.

They’re also not impossibly expensive like you might think. For instance, the 24-inch Apple iMac is on sale right now at Amazon for just $1,250. If you use your computer for creative endeavors like managing your photos or editing music or video, then you’ll love the iMac’s robust suite of productivity apps.

Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter has been on the rise lately, with Monster Hunter World bringing the franchise to a new level of acclaim in the West. The critically-panned movie notwithstanding, Monster Hunter’s been really raking in the goodwill lately. One of the newest titles in the series, the Switch-exclusive Monster Hunter Rise, is among the best games available for Nintendo’s hybrid console.

The title sees players taking on the titular monsters, hunting them down to harvest their various components for use in crafting. Crafting bigger and meaner weapons from bigger and meaner monsters is the core loop at play in Monster Hunter, and it’s as fun as ever in Rise.

The title only released a few months ago, but it’s already been marked down. If you’re as much of a bargain hunter as a monster hunter, you can scoop up Rise for the Switch for just $50 over at Amazon. That’s a full $10 off of the MSRP!