Daily Deals: Computer Monitors, Storage Drives, and More


If you’re in the market for new PC components, you’ve probably noticed how expensive technology is right now. Graphics cards in particular are unbelievably hard to find for MSRP!

Thankfully, we’ve got a selection of deals on PC components to help you save money on other components of your build. Let’s check out today’s deals!

LG Monitors

No matter how good your graphics card is, your games will only look as good as your monitor allows. If you’re sick of games looking jagged and muddy on your aging computer monitor, it’s time to upgrade your display setup.

Today, LG’s line of high-performance monitors is on sale for varying discounts at Amazon. For instance, you can scoop up a 27-inch QHD display for just $280, which is $100 off MSRP. 

If you’re looking for something more ergonomic, you can opt for a 34-inch WFHD curved display for only $400. Curved monitors angle images toward your eyes, making them easier on your retinas and better for extended playing sessions! 


Solid-state drives allow you to load information at an unbelievable speed. This is useful for gaming PCs, as they enable lightning-fast loading times between levels.

If you’re looking for a stellar SSD to accompany your latest PC build, you should consider the PNY 4TB NVMe SSD. Amazon has this behemoth storage device on sale for just $600 right now, a $300 discount from MSRP.

This unparalleled drive has read speeds exceeding 7,500MB/s and write speeds around 6,850MB/s. If you’re not familiar with storage specs, those are unbelievable numbers.

Essentially, this is a storage device that can load most content before you’ve even finished deciding what you’re having for breakfast tomorrow.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Now you’ve got a shiny new monitor and a blazing-fast SSD, so what games should you play? If you’re in the mood for an updated version of a modern classic, check out Mass Effect: Legendary Edition on PC. Amazon has this stellar collection of three top-notch action RPGs on sale for just $30!

That’s half-off from the game’s MSRP. At $10 per game, this is a steal, as the Legendary Edition bundles in all of the downloadable content expansions for all three Mass Effect titles. The collection offers hours of sci-fi fun, tasking players with commanding the starship Normandy and battling the villainous Reapers. Do you have what it takes to save the galaxy from annihilation?