Daily Deals: Cordless Vacuum, UHD Monitor, and More


Every week, we bring you the best deals from the web. If you’re in the market for a new cordless vacuum or a massive HD monitor, we’ve got you covered! Today we’re looking at some stellar discounts on a Wovida Cordless Stick Vacuum and a Samsung 32-inch monitor, as well as a fun surprise at the end! Let’s dive into these deals. 

Wovida Cordless Stick Vacuum

If you have a small living space that makes using a full-sized vacuum cleaner difficult, you should consider a cordless stick vacuum. These thin, low-profile cleaning appliances can fit snugly in a closet or in the corner until you need them. If you’re worried about them having less power than their full-sized cousins, don’t be! 

You can pick up the Wovida Cordless Stick Vacuum from Amazon today for only $110 when you clip the digital coupon on the page. That’s $30 off its $140 MSRP.

This is an all-around excellent vacuum cleaner for its size, so hurry to grab it while this deal lasts. You can get your carpets clean and your floors dirt-free in a fraction of the time with this lightweight vacuum!

32″ M8 UHD/4K Smart Monitor

Samsung’s newest smart monitor is a steal at just $700. This cutting-edge display sports a bold, gorgeous screen and amazing color accuracy. It’s also capable of some light web browsing and word processing without hooking up a PC, allowing you to use it as a travel “laptop” when you’re on the move.

The smart monitor is perfect for anyone who travels often, as you can use it to stream digital content to any smart TV. This is great when you’re in a hotel room and just want to watch some Netflix! You can even use the included Workmode to remote it to your home PC, allowing you to keep up with your documents even when you’re away from home.

The Simpsons Arcade

Our last deal today is also our most novel: you can grab a Simpsons Arcade cabinet replica from Best Buy today for just $500. This authentic-looking cabinet includes the blisteringly-difficult early-90s classic Simpsons game, as well as a themed stool that matches the game’s aesthetic. 

Arcade1Up makes a robust line of gorgeous arcade cabinet reproductions. If you’re looking for an authentic home arcade setup, this is the perfect fit. Just get ready to lose a lot – this game is notoriously tough, even for seasoned arcade enthusiasts.