Daily Deals for You: iPhone 11, SD Cards, and More


Upgrading your old tech doesn’t have to break the bank. Let’s take a look at some of the best deals on new tech from around the web.

iPhone 11 Pro

Last year’s flagship iPhone, the 11, is an incremental improvement over the iPhone X. While it’s not as revolutionary as the iPhone 12, the 11 is still a great all-around phone that is perfect for iPhone users who want to upgrade to this new style of smartphone. The full-face display, Face ID unlocking feature, and improved performance all make this a very modern and sleek phone for tech lovers.

Right now, you can scoop up an iPhone 11 Pro over at Woot for $770, a full $230 off of MSRP. That deal is for Amazon Prime Members, however, and it applies only to certain color and storage options. If you’re looking for something a bit weightier, you can’t go wrong with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, the bigger brother of the 11 Pro. The Max is on sale for $1200 right now, which is $150 off of its usual cost.

400 GB SD Card

The humble Micro SD Card has been experiencing a bit of renaissance lately thanks to the Nintendo Switch. The little memory card was once ubiquitous thanks to digital cameras, but the advent of smartphones made physical storage less useful over time. Nintendo’s hybrid handheld system changed that, though, by sporting a slot for an external memory card to expand system storage.

If you’re a Switch owner who is often on the receiving end of the “out of space” error message, then you need a big 400 GB SD Card to store all of your games and saves. You can score an adorable Nintendo-themed SD card at Best Buy’s website right now for half-off, bringing the price down to $90. The little blue shell emblazoned on the side of the SD card is enough to make any fan smile.

Beats Solo Pro

Looking to upgrade your earbuds into proper wireless headphones? You’re in luck: Beats Solo Pro over-ear headphones are on sale right now for $149 at Walmart. You can score this deal from their website or in-store but act fast. The excellent sound quality and stylish design on these headphones are unmatched at that price point, so supplies aren’t likely to last on this deal.

For context, Beats Solo Pro headphones usually retail for $300, so this is a 50% off deal! Get yours while they last.