Daily Deals on Nintendo Switch Games: New Pokemon Snap, Super Mario Party, and More


Nintendo’s newest handheld console is also its most recent home console. The Nintendo Switch’s hybrid design has made it one of the most popular game systems on the market today, so it’s tough to find good deals on first-party games for the device. Today, we’re bringing you a collection of great discounts on some of the console’s best new titles.

New Pokemon Snap

The Pokemon Snap spin-off series adds an intriguing wrinkle to the “catch them all” formula. Instead of battling monsters and capturing them, players capture images of the cute creatures. The last Pokemon Snap title was released over 20 years ago on the Nintendo 64, so fans were surprised when developer Game Freak announced a new entry.

New Pokemon Snap came out on April 30 this year, but it’s already on sale at Amazon’s storefront. You can pick up this adorable monster photography simulator for just $47 right now, a $13 discount from its retail price. If you’re in the mood for a relaxing, stress-free tour through gorgeous landscapes with a camera in hand, this game is for you.

Super Mario Party 

Friendships come and go, but Super Stars are forever. At least, that’s the lesson that a few rounds of Mario Party will teach you. Super Mario Party, the first entry in the series to come out on Switch, returns to the franchise’s roots. Four players roll dice and travel around a board game-style course to earn coins and buy Super Stars.

At the end of ten turns, the player with the most Super Stars wins. Frantic minigames punctuate each turn and keep things varied and engaging. Friendships will be tested, though: betrayal and sabotage are commonplace in the cutthroat world of Mario Party.

Super Mario Party is on sale at Walmart right now for only $42. Just be prepared to lose a few friends if you bust this one out at your next gathering.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The excellent Super Smash Bros series has reached its zenith with Ultimate. This entry includes every fighter to ever appear in the series across its 20-year history. It also boasts an astonishing number of DLC fighters. The last character, Sora from Kingdom Hearts, was just added last month.

If you haven’t picked up this stellar fighting game yet, now is your chance. You can grab Super Smash Bros Ultimate from Best Buy today for only $42. Hurry, though, because a deal this good isn’t going to last long.