Daily Deals: Savings on Amazon Echo, AirPods, and More


Is it time to upgrade your audio gadgets? If so, you’re in luck: we’ve got deals on both Amazon Echo speakers and AirPods lined up for you today. There’s even a great discount on Xbox Game Pass that you won’t want to miss!

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s smart speakers are overwhelmingly popular right now thanks to their unique features. These handy speakers don’t just sound great, they’re also personal assistants that can make your life a bit easier. Amazon Echo devices use the company’s Alexa software to answer voice commands. You can use your voice to queue up music, check the weather, and even order items from Amazon.

If you use the speaker as a smart home hub, you can set up automated functions that work with your smart devices. Have you ever wanted to turn on your lights with your voice? What about unlocking the front door? With the right smart home appliances, you can make your home voice-controlled!

The fourth-generation Echo Dot is on sale right now for $35 on Amazon’s web store. That’s $15 off from the retail price, making this the best deal yet for the newest Dot.

AirPods Pro

Apple’s AirPods only have one major flaw: they’re not soundproof. The new Pro AirPods address this by introducing active noise canceling. This helps you concentrate without outside noises bleeding into your music or podcast. What’s more, if you still want to hear the room around you, you can activate transparency mode. Transparency mode allows outside sounds to pass through the earbuds, using the same microphones that power the noise cancellation tech.

The latest model of the AirPods Pro, the 2021 refresh, sports a new charging feature called MagSafe. Just like the iPhone 13, the AirPods Pro charging case has a ring of magnets hidden under the surface. This allows MagSafe chargers to hook onto them wirelessly, giving you the best of both worlds. You get the stability of a wired charging connection with the convenience of a wireless charger.

The 2021 AirPods Pro with MagSafe are on sale at Amazon today for $190. This is the first discount we’ve seen on these new earbuds, knocking them down $59 from their retail price.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Xbox players are in for a treat today: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is on sale right now. You can pick up three months of the service for just $38 right now from Amazon. Game Pass Ultimate is probably the best deal in gaming, as it also unlocks Xbox Live Gold for three months.

PC gamers get double the use out of the Ultimate version of Game Pass, too. Windows users can access the Game Pass library through the Microsoft store, complete with achievements tracked through their Xbox account. Don’t hesitate to grab this deal before it’s gone!