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Discounts on Financial Services for Seniors Are Easier to Find Than You’d Think

If you’ve been working for your entire life, you’ve earned a break. When you retire from the workforce, you’ll want to make sure you’re balancing your budget well enough to make it last for years to come.

Here’s the thing: financial services can be expensive. How can you keep your budget together while not breaking the bank? Thankfully, there are plenty of deals out there for older people who are looking for help with their finances.

Banking Options

There are tons of financial products aimed at older Americans. For instance, BB&T offers a Senior Checking Account for customers aged 55 and older. This type of account has different rates and features than their standard checking account. Similar accounts are available through Citizens Bank, TD Bank, and Goldman Sachs.

These banks all offer mobile banking options with checking accounts you can apply for online. Managing your money from your phone might seem strange at first, but it’s the most convenient way to check your account balances and even pay your bills.

Norton Life Lock

Keep an eye out for deals on Norton’s Life Lock program. This identity theft protection program helps you avoid scammers by protecting you against common forms of identity theft. Sadly, older people are often targeted by scammers who are determined to steal your hard-earned savings.

Norton Life Lock often runs deals on their service, which can help you rest assured that your identity is being protected. That should give you a little peace of mind as you manage your finances online and on your phone.

AARP Resources

AARP members have access to a host of resources that can help them keep their finances in order. For instance, the AARP Fraud Watch Network helps members get more acquainted with the kinds of scams that commonly target older Americans. Another service, the AARP Money Map, helps members map out their financial goals. That’s critical in crafting a budget that works for your income.

In general, AARP members are offered a slew of savings on everything from financial services to restaurant dining. People over 55 often join AARP just to get access to the steep savings they offer! If you’re looking for more resources and savings, you can visit AARP’s site for more information about their member benefits.

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