Huge Discounts on Garmin Lily and Fire TV Cube


If you’re in the market for some new gadgets, then you’re in luck. Today, we’re looking at savings on both a brand-new smartwatch and a great all-in-one streaming hub. Are you ready to save money? Let’s get into it.

Garmin Lily

There’s something classic and likable about the old-school round watch face. One of the main complaints about the Apple Watch is that it sports an unusual square face design, which makes it immediately recognizable as an Apple Watch, but also makes it look high-tech.

If you prefer a more classic-looking smartwatch, you don’t need to look far. One of the best fitness-tracking smartwatches is the Garmin Lily, which sports a beautiful display in a round watch face. The Lily has a low profile and can actually go stealth in some scenarios, looking largely like a traditional wristwatch until you bring up the display.

The Garmin Lily is on sale over at Amazon right now for a great discount: it’s just $150. That’s a pretty great deal for what amounts to one of the best fitness trackers money can buy. It can track everything from your sleep to your hydration and even your stress levels. It’s like having a personal trainer strapped to your wrist!

Amazon Fire TV Cube

By now you’re likely familiar with the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The Fire TV Cube, by contrast, is the beefier, more robust entry in the Fire line of TV streaming hubs. The Fire TV Cube opens you up to a world of streaming content, putting 4K Ultra HD shows and movies at your fingertips. You’ll even get access to HDR10+, one of the most robust color standards in modern video displays.

The best part of this smart TV hub is that you can use Alexa voice commands through the voice remote to control your TV’s entire ecosystem. Do you have a soundbar you’d like to hook up to your TV for a more immersive viewing experience? The Fire TV Cube can act as a hub for this device, and can even allow you to access a host of voice commands just for your soundbar.

The Fire TV Cube is on sale at Amazon now for just $95. That’s one of the best deals we’ve yet seen on this all-in-one streaming device, so act fast to get yours before the sale ends. You’ll be kicking yourself if you let these great savings pass you by!