Make Your Living Room Awesome with Today’s Deals Deals


Are you looking to shore up your entertainment room? If so, you’re in luck today. Some of the best deals from around the web right now are on the latest TVs and soundbars. Let’s check out these savings!

Toshiba 50-inch LED 4K Flatscreen

Have you had a chance to see a 4K screen in person yet? If not, you might not realize just what you’re missing. These ultra-high-definition displays are extremely eye-catching and gorgeous, offering a crisp, sharp display that can’t be imitated by a standard 1080p HD display.

If you’re looking to up your space’s display game, you should check out this deal over at Amazon. The Toshiba 50-inch LED 4K flatscreen is on sale at Amazon’s site right now for just $370, a serious discount from the MSRP on this great-looking TV. The best part about this deal is that the Toshiba is equipped with Amazon’s Fire TV standard, meaning it’s a Smart TV out of the box. You don’t need to buy a Fire Stick or Roku!

Smart TVs are ideal for modern entertainment setups, as they allow you to watch streaming apps straight from your TV. You don’t need to use a Roku device as a pass-through, since the TV’s already running on the fire operating system.

KMOUK 2.1 CH Sound Bar

Once you’ve got a great-looking new TV in your living room, what else do you need? Well, you might want a soundbar. While flatscreen TVs look great, their slim profile makes them a bit too small to sport robust speakers. That’s why you want an external soundbar to handle your audio!

Take this KMOUK 2.1 CH soundbar, for instance. It’s a great fit for any living room, boasting incredible sound quality that fills your space and emulates the performance of surround sound systems. Right now, if you clip the coupon at Amazon, you can get this soundbar for an impressively low price: just $75 for Prime users.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade

Finally, you’ll need some great 4K content to enjoy with your new TV and awesome soundbar. That’s where our last deal comes in: the stellar Final Fantasy VII remake, Intergrade, is now available on PS5. The game is on sale over at Amazon for just $50. That’s $20 off of MSRP, making this the best deal we’ve seen yet on this game.

Make sure you act fast to get these deals before they’re all gone!