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Today is National Cheesecake Day!! What? Who decides these things? Who cares! It is a day to celebrate by eating some delicious cheesecake and get some great deals at the same time!

The Cheesecake Factory

Let’s start with the name that comes to my mind first when talking about cheesecake, The Cheesecake Factory.  Today only, for every slice of yummy cheesecake sold, they are donating $1 to the hunger relief organization Feeding America. Feeding America is the largest domestic hunger-relief organization in the country.  You can eat your cheesecake and feel good about it!  

Additionally, The Cheesecake Factory is releasing a brand new flavor today.  It sounds amazing.  “The Chocolate Caramelicious Cheesecake Made With Snickers”. I did not make that up, that is the actual name.  With a name like that it has to be good.  The Cheesecake Factory is having a separate promotion for this flavor. For every slice of this chocolatey snickers deliciousness, they are donating twenty-five cents to Feeding America – for an entire year! Yes – you can try this new flavor over and over again until July 29, 2021, and rack up those donations to a great organization.

Eli’s Cheesecake

Eli’s Cheesecake has an online special for those of us not located in Chicago. In Chicago, they have forty cent slices at an outdoor tent they’ve set up for the occasion.  For the rest of us, if you place an online order today you will get a free nine-inch chocolate chip cheesecake with a $40 purchase of any of these flavors: Original Plain, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Turtle, the Original Favorites Cheesecake Sampler, or the Chocolate Lover’s Cheesecake Sampler.  Hop on over here and get yourself some of their famous cheesecake shipped right to your door along with a FREE chocolate chip cheesecake. 

Sara Lee

Sara Lee is using the occasion of National Cheesecake Day to launch its new line of individually wrapped, easy to eat mini cheesecakes.  They are single serving, so you can keep some in your freezer and use individual portions as the mood strikes rather than committing to an entire cake.  They will come in three flavors: plain, strawberry, and salted caramel truffle.  Individually frozen cheesecakes for my freezer? Yes, please! Game changer.  

Eileen’s Special Cheesecake

If you place an order online or for curbside pick up from Eileen’s today, you will get a totally free individual classic cheesecake with any cheesecake purchase.  The cost of shipping is included for all cakes.  So what are you waiting for? Take a look at the options available of the incredible looking cheesecakes in flavors such as cookies ‘n cream, chocolate, or raspberry.

Or maybe some more interesting flavors like black and white, the fruit special or the sampler.  Also for those of you with gluten issues, you will be very happy to know they have a gluten-free option! Hurry and get yourself some yummy cheesecake today while you have an extra great reason, and get a little bonus deal while you are at it.