New Target RedCard Holders to Receive $50 Off $100 Purchase


Do you ever find yourself strolling the aisles of Target and aimlessly putting things into your cart, only to get home and realize you spent way more money than you had originally intended? Us too.

There’s no shame in admitting you’re obsessed with Target (let’s be honest, we all are), but there is a way for you to save loads of money every time you walk in those doors. 

Signing up for a RedCard will guarantee you save lots of money over the course of your time as a Target shopper, but signing up this week could save you up to $50 on any purchase. Yes, you heard that right — $50! 

What Is a Target Red Card?

If you’ve ever stepped inside a Target, you’ve probably heard them talk about the RedCard when you’re checking out, but what is it exactly? 

Well, for starters, the RedCard is a store card, so it can only be used inside a Target and on Holders receive 5% off of every purchase at checkout, so it’s a great way to save hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars every year if you consider yourself to be a frequent Target shopper.

Along with getting 5% off, RedCard holders will also receive free 2-day shipping on any online order, an extra 30 days for returns, exclusive coupons in the mail and on the Target app, as well as 10% off 

And, because most Targets have a Starbucks inside, you can also save 5% off of your coffee or tea order inside any store. 

Save $50 This Week 

It’s always a good time to sign up for a RedCard, but if you’ve been pondering the decision for a while, this week’s the best time pull the trigger. If you sign up for a RedCard this week (August 2 to August 8) and get approved, a coupon will be mailed to you along with your card.

This coupon will then take $50 off of any purchase of $100 or more through October 3. That gives you two whole months to save some serious cash!

This coupon does exclude certain items sold at Target, such as Apple products, Samsung TVs, Sony Electronics, and Bose products, so make sure to read about all the exclusions before deciding what you want to purchase. 

But, if you’ve been wanting to buy a new blender or a new comforter (or something a little more fun), then signing up today will guarantee you save a good chunk of change.