Today’s Best Deals: Bluetooth Speakers, Space Heaters, and More


Getting the best deals on your favorite gadgets doesn’t need to be a huge hassle. Skip the searching and cut straight to the savings with this handy guide! Today we’re looking at sales on Bluetooth speakers, space heaters, and more.

Anker Soundcore Speakers

Playing your tunes off your phone for your guests might have been acceptable when you were in school, but adults need better audio equipment than phone speakers. Get yourself a great deal on a wireless speaker through Amazon today. The online retailer has a slew of discounts on a wide selection of Anker Soundcore speakers.

Some of the audio devices are marked down by as much as 30% today! The flagship speaker in the lineup is the Anker Soundcore Flare 2, which is both waterproof and stylish. The Flare 2 boasts great bass and spacious sound, as well as a flashy rainbow light that pulses along with your music. It’s on sale for just $49 right now!

Shoppers looking for a more affordable option could instead opt for the Anker Soundcore Mini. The Soundcore Mini offers impressive sound for its small size, amply filling a room with music and bringing any party to life. This adorable little portable speaker is discounted to $20 today.

Vornado Personal Space Heater

It’s that time of year again: it’s way too cold outside, and your feet are downright icy. Make your office or bedroom a bit more comfortable with a personal space heater. The Vornado VH202 heater is on sale at Amazon’s site right now, marked down to just $30.

If you have cats, you’ll quickly learn how much your feline friends love space heaters. Anywhere you set a heater up, your cats are likely to follow and lay happily right in front of it.

Dishonored & Prey: The Arcane Collection

The Arcane Collection is a steal for gamers even at full MSRP. This collected edition includes Dishonored, its sequel, and the Death of the Outsider DLC. In addition, it contains Prey, a masterful immersive sim. All four of these games are incredibly fun and would easily make the $60 collection worth its price.

That’s why today’s deal is so great. The Arcane Collection is on sale for $20 right now from Amazon, offering up dozens of hours of polished entertainment. If you’ve missed out on some or all of these excellent stealth action games, this is the most affordable way to check them all out.