Today’s Best Deals: MacBook Air, Galaxy Z Flip 3, and More


Name-brand electronics tend to be pretty expensive, but if you know where to look, you can snag great deals on your favorite brands. So where should you look? No further than right here! Today’s deals include a great discount on the MacBook Air and a price cut to the brand-new Galaxy Z Flip 3.

MacBook Air

Apple’s laptops are known for being high-end devices for creative users. If you’re looking for a premium laptop that will help you stay productive, the MacBook Air is a perfect fit. The most recent iteration, the 2020 MacBook Air, sports an impressive processor called an M1 chip. This chip is great for both battery life and performance, making this an awesome productivity machine.

You can get the 2020 MacBook Air from Amazon right now on sale. The 13-inch model with 256 GB of internal SSD storage is marked down to $850, which is $150 off of its normal list price. Likewise, the 512 GB model is $150 off, bringing it to $1,100. Either way, this is a steal for the excellent Apple-made laptops.

Galaxy Z Flip 3

The recent lineup of folding phones from Samsung has brought smartphones back around full circle. Remember when cellphones were all folding phones? Well, Samsung’s bringing it back! The Flip 3 is a unique device, sporting a folding inner display that allows the device to keep a low profile in your pocket. When you need it to do normal smartphone tasks, though, you can just unfold it and use the screen like you would any normal touchscreen.

When these devices were first introduced, Samsung faced a bit of criticism over the Flip and Fold devices reportedly being fragile and too pricey. However, the Flip 3 is far from fragile, and it’s on sale right now for a decidedly affordable price as low as $400 with an eligible trade-in to Samsung.

Kasa Smart Plug 3 Pack

You can make any simple device in your home a smart device if you plug it into a smart plug. Do you need a lamp to turn on at a specific time? Smart plug. Is it stuffy in your living room but you don’t feel like going over there to turn the fan on? Smart plug. You get the idea.

You can get a pack of three Kasa smart plugs on sale today from Amazon for just $21. That’s a pretty great deal to turn three devices in your home into smart devices that you can control from your phone! If you have an Alexa-enabled device, you can even set up voice commands for the plugs, making things even easier.