Today’s Deals: Echo Dot, Wireless Router, and More


Technology can be expensive. If you’re looking to get the best personal tech for your home, you’ve got to find the deals or you’re going to be spending a pretty penny. That’s where we come in! Let’s help find you some of the best deals from around the net.

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon’s Echo Dot device is a great all-around smart speaker that you can use to make your home feel that much more futuristic. The proprietary Alexa software in the smart speaker answers your calls right away, and has a surprising number of phrases and commands it recognizes.

If you want to listen to music, just tell Alexa to start playing your favorite playlist. When you need to hear the weather report, just ask Alexa. You can even integrate your other smart home devices with your Alexa device so you can control things like the lights, the thermostat, and even the door locks all through your Alexa device.

If you’re looking to step into the future, you can pick up an Amazon Echo Dot on sale from Amazon right now for just $35. They normally retail for $50, so this is a $15 discount!

NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1750 Router

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as shelling out for high-speed internet only to have your wireless router become the bottleneck. You just want to stream 4K movies and games in high-definition, why does your router not want to cooperate? Don’t worry, though: you can get a high-speed NETGEAR Nighthawk router on sale from Amazon right now for just $76.

That’s $24 off of the router’s list price, making this a great deal for anyone who wants to upgrade their home’s wireless capabilities for less. Get the most bang for your buck by scooping up this deal before it’s gone!

Tribit Bluetooth Speaker

Whether you’re having friends over for a gathering or heading out to the pool, it’s nice to have a Bluetooth speaker on hand to blast your favorite tunes. Bluetooth speakers are sort of like the modern-day boombox!

If you’re in the market for an inexpensive and great-sounding Bluetooth speaker, you’re in luck. A Bluetooth speaker from Tribit is on sale today at Amazon for just $25, a great price for this excellent-sounding wireless device. What better way is there to take your music with you on the go to share with your pals? Keep the party rocking and grab this deal before it disappears!