Today’s Deals: Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Outriders and More


Today’s deals are some of the best you’ll see on brand-new video games from around the web. If you’ve got a couple of bucks and some free time, you’ll love sinking your teeth into these sprawling games. And, what’s more, you can get them for well under retail. Let’s look at the deals.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Mass Effect is one of the most influential video game series in history, and you can feel the weight of that legacy with the Legendary Edition. The game functions as a bundle of the three main-series entries into the franchise, complete with reworked gameplay for Mass Effect 1 and completely updated graphics for all three titles.

Legendary Edition renders all three games in gorgeous 4K and at 60 FPS. Whether you’re a longtime fan of BioWare’s love letter to sci-fi RPGs or a newcomer, this is the best way to experience these games. And, while the game’s retail price of $60 is a steal for three remastered titles, you can scoop it up on sale now for even less.

Head over to Eneba and us the code MEFFECTJUNE to get the game for almost half-off, down to $33. This deal is for the PC version, however, not for the console release. If you’ve been holding out for a deal on the PC edition of the game, now is your chance to scoop it up for a serious discount.


Made by People Can Fly, Outriders is a looter shooter in the vein of games like Borderlands or Destiny. Players control “Outriders,” powerful warriors who explore a vicious wasteland and make things safer for humanity. Between the outlandish weapons, over-the-top-superpowers and fun cooperative multiplayer, Outriders is an excellent third-person action game.

You can get this great title on sale now over at Amazon for just $45, a full $15 off of MSRP. That deal is on the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game, too, which is great for console players looking for a huge game to get lost in.

Watch Dogs: Legion

Looking for an even better deal on a new title? Watch Dogs: Legion, the newest entry in Ubisoft’s open-world series, has been marked down to just $20 over at Amazon. Like Outriders, this deal is on both the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the title.

Considering this is a very new triple-A title from a major publisher, $40 off of retail is a steal! Fans of the series who were holding out for a deal on the newest entry are in luck today. What are you waiting for? Snap up these great gaming deals before they’re gone.