Today’s Deals: Vacuum Cleaners, Home Gym Equipment, and More


You don’t need to break the bank to make your house feel more like home. Today, we’re bringing you deals on Shark brand vacuums, home gym essentials, and white noise machines to make your space that much more comfortable.

Shark Vacuum Sale

No one likes having to do chores around the house, like cleaning up and vacuuming. You can make the weekly grind of dust-busting a bit easier on yourself with a great new vacuum from Shark. Amazon has a collection of deals up right now on three different Shark vacuums that will help you take control of your cleaning tasks.

The first deal is on the Shark VM252P10 Pro+ Cordless Vacuum Mop, which sees it marked down to $80. This cordless upright mop is perfect for cleaning up your kitchen and other hard surface floors, allowing you to vacuum before wiping everything down.

If you want something for carpets instead, you’ll be interested in the Shark Rotator ZU632 Upright Vacuum, which is on sale for $150 off today. That brings its price down to just $230! Finally, if you don’t feel like handling the cleaning yourself, you can opt for the AV933 Robot Vacuum. The handy little automatic cleaning device is discounted to $250 right now, $130 off of its retail price.

BalanceFrom Home Gym Essentials

Gym memberships aren’t for everyone. Some mornings, you don’t have the motivation to get up early and head to the gym. Other times, you might just not like exercising in front of other people. Whatever your reason, it’s okay to stick with a home workout plan instead.

Make your home gym that much nicer today with BalanceFrom Home Gym Essentials. This stellar set is on sale at Amazon today, with discounts on everything from yoga mats to free weights. With deals like these, you can start hitting your fitness goals in no time.

Serene Evolution White Noise Machine

Do you have trouble getting to sleep? Consider using a white noise machine to drown out all the little sounds that might be keeping you up. The Serene Evolution 60 Sound White Noise Machine is on sale at Amazon today for $37 when you use the promo code 25MA4DHX.

You can choose between 60 different sounds and even set up a timer to cut the sound automatically. The device even comes with a remote, allowing you to control the sounds from the comfort of your bed. Better sleep could be right around the corner!