Today’s Gaming Deals: Best Gifts For the Gamer in Your Life


The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to grab those last-minute gifts. If you’re shopping for a gamer, you might not know what to buy for them. What if you buy them a game that they already have? Today, we’re helping you narrow it down and find the perfect gift for your favorite gamer.

Genki Switch Dock Charger Adapter

If your gamer wants to take their Nintendo Switch with them on the go and use it in docked mode, they usually need to pack the entire dock into a bag. However, the device is both bulky and fragile. These features make it a bit tricky to take with you on a trip!

That’s where the Genki Switch Dock Charger Adapter comes in. It’s a compact wall adapter that allows for an HDMI pass-through. If you plug a Nintendo Switch into the device, you can charge it while sending video to a TV, replicating the functionality of a dock!

You can get this handy, slim device on sale from Amazon today for $34 when you clip the coupon. Act fast so you can get it before the holidays!

Hori Split Pad Pro

Nintendo’s Joy-Con controllers are great for portability. Your gamer can stuff their Switch into a bag or pocket and not worry about the controller getting caught on something. However, if they play in handheld mode often and don’t mind sacrificing some portability, then they might want the Hori Split Pad Pro.

These split controllers hook into the console in handheld mode and replicate the feel of a full-sized controller. Players who love tackling difficult games on the go will love the Split Pad Pro. You can grab a pair from Target now for just $50!

$99 eShop Gift Card

The best way to buy someone a gift that you know they’ll use is to get them a gift card. That way, you can guarantee that they’ll buy something they want with it, and not spend it on something boring like groceries or socks.

You can get a $99 Nintendo eShop gift card from Eneba today for just $85. Who doesn’t love free money? To get this discount, apply the code 99USDNIN at checkout. That’s a big enough gift card to get a few AAA games on sale or a massive haul of indie titles. Any gamer would be delighted to find this gift card in their stocking!